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Arcadia have an IT team with broad and varied skill set that have the ability to support all BAU functions of the business. They operate a hybrid cloud model with some IT resources on-premises & some in the Cloud. This hybrid infrastructure is both complicated to setup & also to maintain, with upgrades & feature enhancements having the potential to significantly impact the users & business if any unforseen service interruption or feature adjustment were to occur.


Cloudworks consultants work with many different clients on varied and diverse networks which puts us in the unique position of having both enterprise experience of BAU functions and the importance of maintaining uptime married with the requirement to remain current & up to date with the latest developments in hybrid technology.

Through a series of workshops & on-site consultancy days, Cloudworks provided the technology team at Arcadia with real world insights into how the hybrid infrastructure could be upgraded & optimised with minimum downtime. Our documentation & sandbox environment provided extra assurance that Arcadia needed to proceed.

Our consultants guided Arcadia through the complicated migration process and provided on-site resource at critical times which ensured a smooth transition.

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Arcadia Group's relationship with Cloudworks has enabled a cost effective method to remain at the cutting edge of hybrid technology, whilst ensuring maximum uptime. Throughout the engagement knowledge was transferred to the on-premises team which has enabled them to support the infrastructure moving forward.

As the Cloudworks team have so much knowledge about the Arcadia infrastructure, we also provide extra support when needed either remotely or on-site & help cover for holidays & absence when core team staff have extended periods away from the office.

Need advice with a large scale migration? Speak to a Cloudworks technician on: 0115 824 8244 or read about more of our clients on our case study page.

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