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How long will the migration process take?

We make it easy for your business, although every cloud migration is unique, there is nothing that we have not seen before.

The migration process is unique to every client, the time it takes to complete a migration depends on numerous factors. For example, the number of the users, the desire migration method and the complexity of the clients current system. To discuss this in further detail call Cloudworks on 0115 824 8244 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

How will the Office 365 archiving work?

What kind of licences will we require and how much are they? Can you provide them?

The type of license you and your company require is very dependant on your specific needs. To find our more about Office 365 licenses visit Microsoft Plans. We can provide any Office 365 license through our partnership with Westcoast and their cloud team.

Take a look at one of our clients, J McCann. We migrated the company to Office 365 and now provide licenses for every user, including Office 365 Business Premium, Office 365 Business Essentials, Exchange Online Archiving and Project.

J McCann

How much down time will we experience?

Our users are spread over multiple platforms, is this a problem, can you accomodate for this?

This is not a problem. With each of our migrations we complete a discovery session before the physical migration. This ensures that we have sufficient knowledge of the clients setup, to plan for their specific requirements and make the migration process as smooth as possible.

What are the stages of a migration?

There are multiple was to complete an email migration. Take a look at our migration method page for more details, or look at some of our case studies using either a hybrid, staged, or cutover migration method.

We have people working abroad - will they be migrated as smoothly?

This is not a problem. With every migration we complete a discovery session to ensure we have sufficient knowledge of the clients setup. This allows us to plan for aspects such as users working overseas, in most cases we will complete a remote migration followed by remote support.

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