Improving Communications with Yammer

Connect your company with Yammer, the Enterprise Social Network.

Yammer allows users to discuss ideas, share best practices and crowdsource answers from co-workers. A faster, smarter way to connect and collaborate throughout a company. It is a ‘social layer’ that underpins and interconnects all of the Office 365 programs and systems.

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More than 500,000 companies, including 85 percent of the Fortune 500 companies have realised the value of working with greater transparency. Innovation is key in every company and Yammer provides a platform that facilitates spontaneous conversations among employees, sparking innovative ideas that help companies to operate more efficiently. The Peoples Directory facilitates communication by automatically creating a searchable database of everyone enrolled in Yammer along with their key skills.

Seamless integration with the familiar interface of Office allows users to preview, edit and co-author documents using Office online. With work being automatically saved, it is easy to compare versions and finalise changes.


Discuss, edit, and co-author documents in Yammer using Office Online.

Intelligent insights

Get smart suggestions for people and groups based on your interactions across Office 365.

Connected experience

Share and discuss content in Yammer directly from SharePoint, Delve, Skype Meeting Broadcast, and more.

The Yammer online and application versions give users have the ability to create work groups and include the relevant people. These groups provide an open and flexible workspace for teams and communities to post files, ideas and updates. Users also have the ability to create a poll, in which others within that group can vote on a decision. Yammer centres around the idea that greater visibility results in better decision making and so uses can also add external partners or customers. For ongoing collaboration, dedicated external groups can help to develop deeper relationships and a sense of community.

The Yammer mobile application is available from the Microsoft, Google and the Apple store to ensure that users stay connected away from the office and on any device. In working environments where a central office is no longer necessary, Yammer provides a central hub to create a company spirit and give every user a voice.

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