Reduce Costs with EMS

The Enterprise Mobility Suite is Microsoft’s comprehensive cloud solution for your IT and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) challenges. It provides comprehensive protection and security whilst saving you money.

EMS provides bundled services at a cost far lower than any other providers, at $8.75 per user/per month this is roughly half the price of purchasing similar products from any competitor. The package includes: Identity management, mobile device application management, data protection and advanced threat detection. Single sign-on facilitates the use of applications across multiple devices with integrated support for thousands of SaaS apps.

The EMS allows for IT departments to configure settings across multiple platforms from one console. This saves a significant amount of time as changes do not have to be made individually on different platforms, and all changes will be universally the same throughout the whole company. The ability to selectively wipe apps and data increases the security levels through greater control and eliminates the risk of data leak upon employee exit. IT managers can make more changes remotely rather than travelling to multiple locations. Applications can be streams from the cloud to keep users productive anywhere, on any device.

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