Reduce Costs with One Drive for Business

One Drive for Business provides users with a platform to see and work on business files from any location and on any device. With any Office 365 subscription every user has 1TB of space in the cloud for storing files, these files remain private unless they are shared with users within the organisation, or depending on company policy, external Office 365 users as well. Upon installation of the One Drive for Business sync app, every user can access their documents directly on their desktop, tablet or phone, helping to create a mobile workforce. If a user does not have the application installed, they can simply log into office portal ( and access their work online. One Drive works seamlessly with Sharepoint, another benefit of Office 365 licensing. Sharepoint can be designed simply as an online document library, or developed further to be used as a company intranet and social site.

To find out more about Sharepoint, take a look at some of our completed projects here.

A key feature of the One Drive for Business application is the ability to collaborate on content simultaneously. This feature creates time savings as documents don’t have to be sent between users in order to edit sections of the document individually. With any O365 subscription each user has access to 1TB of online storage, therefore any other subscriptions to storage platforms can be cancelled. With monthly payments from as little as £3.10/ month for Business Essentials there are significant savings to be made. Find out more about Office 365 licensing here.

The ability to access documents from anywhere and on any device means that users no longer have to travel to their desktop in the office, allowing productivity to reach far beyond the confines of the office walls.

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