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Microsoft’s enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) influences existing technologies to enable the complete management of PC’s and various mobile devices from a consolidated environment. By bringing together the cloud-based management of Windows Intune with the on-premises management operating systems, businesses can now view and manage multiple devices accessing corporate resources from one single infrastructure and console across all locations. Through this, administrators have a single view of all devices in use at any time, which applications are installed on them, as well as the ability to define policy and restrictions across all devices.

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Identity, Mobile Management, Security are key driving features behind this service.

Keep all your employees productive on their favourite apps and devices whilst protecting your company data with enterprise mobility solutions direct from Microsoft.

With 1000s of apps, you get 1 identity with 1 single sign on. Microsoft’s most recent updates to Windows Intune gives organisations increased flexibility to enable users to work on the devices of their choice.

This is the only complete solution designed to better protect your Microsoft Office email, files and apps.

A cost effective solution that saves you real money from the start. Why go to other vendors to buy a standalone solution when this can save you up to 50% less.

A simple system that really works. Easy to setup, always kept up to date and allows you to connect directly to your on-premises datacentre without any fuss.

It’s a whole lot more secure and security is at the forefront. Even before any damage is caused we help you identify attempted security breaches.

With a combined and comprehensive solution, we protect iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, Windows PC’s, Windows 10, Macs and 1000’s of popular SaaS apps with one simplified management system.

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