Custom IT security for your business

How much does our IT Security service cost?

Our security services (both advice and processes) are built into our support contracts for no extra charge. We may require you to have cloud-based email / identities for maximum protection. For the full feature set, it will require you to update from standard Office 365 to Microsoft 365, or migrate services to the Microsoft Cloud.

What products do you use?

We use a combination of Microsoft Products and Services to keep our service cost effective. We use Microsoft 365 for core services, Microsoft Endpoint Manager for device protection, Advanced Email Threat protection for E-mail security & our qualified experts professional services to configure it all correctly (this is the most important part).

You check manually every day?

Yes we do. It's monumentally important to have a human sanity check. We manually check all our clients' Azure Active Directory tenants for risky logins, or threats we think are important enough to take action on. We do this every morning but also are on hand 24/7 to act on any threats detected by our artificial intelligence based automated systems.

We've had a ransomware attack, can you help?

If you've been the target of a ransomware attack, we can help. We've helped businesses just like yours with ransomware and can guide you through the options and strategies that will get you up and working as soon as possible.

How do you protect mobile devices?

We use Microsoft Endpoint Manager to protect mobile phones & tablets, Windows 10 and OS X based devices. We use MEM to encrypt the devices, protecting them from device loss. We apply configuration and security profiles to protect from data loss. We can use MEM also to automate new device configuration using Windows 10 autopilot and publishing company apps directly to any device type.

Our Clients

These fantastic local business trust Cloudworks with their IT security

Let Cloudworks take care of your IT security

Whether you've been compromised by ransomware or phishing and need help, or are aware that your IT systems aren't able to cope with modern IT security threats - we can help.

3 steps to get our help.

  • If you've been attacked, call us immediately on 0115 824 8244
  • We'll advise you on the best way forward free of charge.
  • Our experts can be with you in a few hours if required to give on-site guidance.

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