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How much does our IT Support cost?

We offer a very simple pricing structure – from only £10 per user per month for our helpdesk and technical support services. Anything that relates to a change, or new addition is charged at a reduced contract hourly rate. Professional service days can be added into the monthly price for an even larger reduction in cost, if ongoing professional services are required, or pre-defined on-site time is required.

IT strategy advice

An often overlooked area of IT services, but ongoing advice from our experts is key to ensuring you’re maximising your investment in IT and are taking advantage of the latest industry advancements. We’re always available on the phone to help with our decades of experience to guide you through the sometimes tricky world of IT.

Monthly reporting

Our monthly management reports are a part of our managed services and are market-leading, we don't just provide a list of the previous months helpdesk calls and automated exports showing 100% uptime because nothing went wrong. We provide this usual data but also insights into any user security incidents, Azure usage & security recommendation and strategy advice & security threats.

Realtime System Monitoring

We employ a proactive approach by actively monitoring your systems & outsourced IT services so that any potential IT issues can be resolved before they occur to reduce any potential downtime and avoid a break/fix scenario.

User and identity security monitoring

We know this service is unique to Cloudworks - we take ownership of the security of your users by manually checking for monitoring for unusual user activities. We use AI for this, but also have the human touch by one of our IT Support engineers to ensure the integrity of our clients.

Moving to Cloudworks is easier than you think..

We take on new clients all the time with no downtime - we do this all the time - contact us to chat to an expert about how easy it is to move to Cloudworks, Nottingham's number one IT support company / managed service providers.

3 Easy Steps to move to us

  • Engage us and let us know you'd like us to help
  • Serve notice on your existing provider (if required)
  • We work with your existing provider to ensure a smooth transition

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