Mobile Device Management

Intune brings control back to IT admins.

With the rise of BYOD (Bring your own device), additional measures have to be put in place to ensure that company data remains safe. By implemeting Intune, admins have the ability to restrict applications, create security policies & even remotely lock devices whilst maintaining employee productivity.

Granular controls from within Office applications allows multi-identity app usage by applying data security policies based on individual user identities. Microsoft have ensured that admins can securtly manage a diverse mobile ecosystem, including iOS, Android, Windows and macOS devices from a single management console.

Stay productive &amp secure

Stay productive & secure

Provide the experience users need to do their best work from wherever they are, on whatever device they choose.

Office mobile app management

Office mobile app management

Set granular app policies to control data access and use while preserving the familiar Office user experience.

Variety of management scenarios

Variety of management scenarios

Secure your data with flexibility and control, even when navigating complex device landscapes.

As a key part of Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite, Microsoft Intune is used to protect data and meet GDPR regualations. To find out more about how Intune can be implemented to protect data, take a look at our GDPR & EMS page.

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