Reduce Costs with Azure

Microsoft hybrid cloud with a web based portal which allows your company to quickly create virtual machines on Windows and Linux, including preconfigured solutions and custom options. Azure provide elastic, scalable building blocks that can be used to create your solution instantly, whilst meeting the security and privacy needs of customers.

Consumption based billing along with billing per minute rather than per hour result in lower barriers to entry to cloud service adoption and ensure a predictable IT spend. The service allows users to add resources when they’re required and pay only for that usage, as well as eliminate the cost of running a server on-site such as the price of power, cooling and day to day maintenance. Leaving management of servers to Microsoft frees IT managers to focus on software, safe in the knowledge they can expand performance within minutes.

Azure allows your business to set a limit on the monthly spend, eliminating the possibility of a significant bill due to human error, regular email updates can help you to keep on top of your business spending. Along with this, the auto-scaling feature can minimise the cost by reducing the total compute hours

If you are interested in Microsoft Azure services, you can view the pricing calculator or contact us directly at Cloudworks.

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