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Achieving GDPR Compliance

RWB Chartered Accountants were looking to achieve GDPR compliance through a combination of updated security policies, EMS and Intune. Cloudworks EMS technicians visited the head office to complete a discovery session, analysing how users currently working, and accessing data. In order to be GDPR compliant, certain criteria have to be met. To find out more visit our fact page.

After the discovery session, a base Intune security policy could be implemented to a group of test users. The policy includes factors such as Device Encryption, Password length and complexity, and basic Antivirus setup. In addition to this base level, the Cloudworks team worked with decision makers at RWB to configure any additional desired settings.

RWB also requested that there were different policies for directors and employees that granted different access rights based on location and device.

With a sandbox test period complete, the policies were revisited, with any comments being noted, and changes made where appropriate. The policies were then pushed out to users and directors, at a specified time with onsite support provided to answer any questions that users may have.

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