Traditionally, installing antivirus on your computers and servers and installing a firewall on your network edge used to provide enough security for most businesses. Nowadays with more reliance on technology than ever before, users interactions with devices, apps, and data are far more complex than they ever have been, your security must also evolve to continue to provide adequate protection.

How can Cloudworks help you?

We use a combination of Microsoft Cloud services to protect your identities, data and e-mail. We perform security review to understand your current state and future requirements and implement user and data based protection using the following techniques;

  • Levering advanced anti-phishing, safe links, and zero day attachment quarantining
  • Detecting security threats using machine learning
  • Using risk-based conditional access automatically to protect against suspicious logins and compromised credentials
  • Enforce device encryption or business data encryption for BYOD
  • Intelligently enforce multi factor authentication for certain scenarios

Threat detection and remediation

Continuous monitoring is one of the most important parts of any network security solution so we provide out-sourced monitoring and remediation of security threats as part of our IT Support contracts. Through our state of the art monitoring and alerting platforms, we uncover any potential threat before any target user or resource is compromised and take action to neutralise the threat. We also provide full visibility on any threats discovered in our monthly management reports.

Contact us about Security

Please get in touch if you’d like help securing your devices, or you have any questions about IT security.