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Kimble are a very successful professional services company that provides additional software for the SalesForce platform. They had a disparate IT infrastructure & were using Google apps as their E-mail solution, Dropbox for their files & GotoMeeting for their client collaboration platform. Kimble knew they were paying more for their IT systems than many of their competitors & the automation around their business processes could be improved along with the interoperability of their internal IT functions.

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Kimble had already made the decision to move to Office 365 & engaged selected Cloudworks to due our reputation in delivering cost effective & successful migration projects.

Kimble wanted a fast migration of their e-mail due to the contractual arrangements with Google, so we performed our 7 day messaging migration, which meant that all users were using Exchange Online & Skype For Business in week two of our relationship. Due to the nature of how businesses use files & folders, the files migration took a little longer. Through a series of workshops, we mapped out how Kimble used documents in their business & translated how that could be used in SharePoint along with any process automation that could increase productivity.

Once we knew how SharePoint Online could best be used with Kimble's internal workflows, our SharePoint consultants through a series of professional services days, configured SharePoint Online & setup a folder structure with automation for the onsite IT team to migrate to from Dropbox on a per business function basis.

This enabled Kimble to migrate at a time that suited each business function, and not in a single migration event which would have caused the business productivity reduction. Kimble have a block of time set aside every month for on-going development & are already seeing high increases in productivity by using a unified business systems platform.

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Along side the obvious cost reductions in using a unified platform for all the main business IT functions, Kimble have seen huge increases in productivity by using some of the more advanced features in SharePoint Online. What was a flat file structure with no automation has been transformed into a collaboration portal where objects flow automatically between different libraries depending on their position in the sales cycle & their relationship with Kimble at that particular point in time.

The use of shadow IT to plug the gaps in the previous IT system's feature set has disappeared & the users at Kimble now feel supported & more able to perform their function in the business.


This migration is in progress, keep an eye on this page for updates!