We use a combination of Microsoft cloud services to protect your identities, data, and devices.

How we secure your devices

We use Microsoft Endpoint Manager to apply cloud-based security policies no matter where the device is located. We make sure all data is encrypted, protected by market leading anti-virus and has the right level of security to offer the best protection, whilst not compromising on user experience.

How we secure your IT systems

We firmly believe in a cloud-first strategy, removing as much on-premises equipment as possible and leaving only the elements that can't be moved. The cloud offers enterprise level security technologies for any sized business, we encrypt data, configure MFA and implementing least privilege where possible for all access.

How we secure your identities

Microsoft MEM enables us to intelligently implement MFA that isn't a large burden on users, We use conditional access based on identity health and implement anti-phishing and anti-ransomware technologies along with attachment quarantining and safe URL links in emails to protect all aspects of your identity.


It's easier than you think to move to Cloudworks

Moving IT providers is much easier than you think, we do this all the time - we can do everything your incumbent IT provider can, but offer a much better SLA, no tie-in period and better productivity and security for your users.

How to move to Cloudworks

  • Engage us and let us know you'd like us to help
  • Serve notice on your existing provider (if required)
  • We work with your existing provider to ensure a smooth transition

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Most employees do not consider security issues when WFH

According to a new survey from VPNOverview.com, almost 70% of UK workers have given no thought to the cybersecurity implications of working from home. The survey quizzed 2043 employees across the UK and concluded that most were lacking in awareness of both the threats and their potential solutions. That means they could be putting their […]

Credential theft attacks are soaring

The number of cyberattacks that resulted in large-scale credential thefts doubled between 2016 and 2020, according to a report by security vendor F5. Poor security practice, as well as an increase in people working remotely, is thought to be behind the increased number of attacks. Passwords stored as plaintext were deemed responsible for around 4 […]

Embrace the Cloud!

The Cloud has been around a while, but the events of the past year has seen the adoption of cloud-based technologies surge. Office shutdowns because of the pandemic forced a vast number of businesses to finally dip their toes into the water – and discovered it was warm. Out-workers of all kinds liked it too, […]

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