Business IT Support in Nottingham

Cloudworks can support your business with a complete, flexible outsourced IT department for a fixed monthly cost. We can take full or partial control of your entire IT infrastructure, monitoring your systems 24/7 365 days a year and providing you with a premium pro-active support service at a fraction of the cost of an in-house solution.

Our IT Support overview

It can be difficult to find the right level of skills to support your infrastructure, or to ensure your IT staff remain capable to support your ever-changing environment. At Cloudworks we are dedicated to providing cost effective, thorough and efficient managed services for firms in every industry.

Most IT support businesses will react to problems when they occur and find a solution. Cloudworks operate a completely different model focusing on prevention rather than cure. We do this through a thorough onboarding process for new clients where we identify weak points or security issues and upgrades required to maintain a stable infrastructure.

We firmly believe in training and certification so we always offer industry best practice advice. We work with businesses of all sizes and with us managing your IT systems, you’re free to manage your business.

Security Focussed IT Support

Every business relies on security to protect their IT systems and infrastructure. With the ever-increasing threats from phishing emails and malware, it is more important than ever to ensure that policies and threat detection technologies are deployed.

Cloudworks leverage a combination of Microsoft 365 to protect identities, data and email. We perform security reviews to understand existing policies and systems in place and provide recommendations and actions based on future requirements.

We have a state-of-the-art monitoring and alerting platform which is a unique service provided to our clients for threat detection and remediation. We also provide full visibility on any threats discovered in our monthly management reports.

IT Support tailored to your business

Our IT support services are tailored to help you. We don’t just offer generic solutions to all IT issues – we make sure that the work we provide is the best, most appropriate service for your business. Whether you have an issue that requires us to work with your own IT team or you need us to take full control of the service, Cloudworks has the skills, people, and passion to provide whatever you need.

No long contract period

Many of our competitors tie their support clients in to long term contracts. There’s no actual reason why they should do this, and why should they have to tie you in if they’re providing excellent IT Support? At Cloudworks, we don’t believe in long contract tie-in periods so all our contracts can be cancelled at any time – we keep out customers by providing a fantastic service instead.

How much does our IT Support cost?

We offer a very simple pricing structure – £10 per user per month for our helpdesk / support services. Anything that relates to a change, or new addition is charged at a reduced contract hourly rate. Professional service days can be added into the monthly price for an even larger reduction in cost, if ongoing professional services are required, or pre-defined on-site time is required.

IT strategy advice

An often overlooked area of IT support, but ongoing advice from our experts is key to ensuring you’re maximising your investment in IT and are taking advantage of the latest industry advancements. We’re always available on the phone to help with our decades of experience to guide you through the sometimes tricky world of IT.

Monthly reporting

Our monthly management reports are market-leading, we don't just provide a list of the previous months helpdesk calls and automated exports showing 100% uptime becuase nothing went wrong. We provide this usual data but also insights into any user security incidents, Azure usage & security recommendation and strategy advice & security threats.

Realtime System Monitoring

We employ a proactive approach by actively monitoring your systems & services so that any potential IT issues can be resolved before they occur to reduce any potential downtime and avoid a break/fix scenario.

User and identity security monitoring

We know this service is unique to Cloudworks - we take ownership of the security of your users by manually checking for monitoring for unusual user activities. We use AI for this, but also have the human touch to ensure the integrity of our IT Support clients.