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We are master in data science& big data analysis

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Embrace the Cloud!

The Cloud has been around a while, but the events of the past year has seen the adoption of cloud-based technologies surge. Office shutdowns because of the pandemic forced a vast number of businesses to finally dip their toes into the water – and discovered it was warm. Out-workers of all kinds liked it too, […]

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Home-working is putting company systems and data at risk

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused a seismic shift in working practices with millions of employees being forced to work from home because their offices have been closed. Many will stay that way, because the economics and work patterns have changed permanently, but it is presenting companies with numerous issues – not least cybersecurity. There are […]

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Global demand for computers soars during pandemic

New figures for 2020 have revealed how the coronavirus has sharply revived the computer services market. After a decade of gradual decline, In the last three months of 2020, the global market for PCs was an enormous 25% higher than in the same period the previous year. Almost 100million units (excluding tablets) were purchased worldwide […]

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