The Future of Cloud Computing

The cloud may have moved from hot new trend to established IT solution in the past half decade, but that has not stopped it being the world’s biggest draw for investment venture capitalists looking to get into the tech market, according to a new report from Deloitte.

The survey showed that cloud computing has managed to hold onto its spot at the top of the tech investment ladder for three years in a row, with a significant confidence rating of 4.18 out of a possible 5, delivered by respondents from 10 of the biggest investment organisations.

While the cloud remains on top at the moment, there are signs that other areas of the market could be rising to prominence, including the IoT (internet of things) and mobility. And it is worth noting that both of these emerging areas are intrinsically linked to an underlying cloud infrastructure, which is, doubtlessly, helping to prop up confidence in this area.

America remains ahead of the UK when it comes to investor confidence and this is perhaps a reflection of the fact that businesses in the US have been quicker to embrace the cloud than their counterparts on the other side of the Atlantic.

The power of the cloud and the confidence that has been shown in it by investors is a barometer for the overall health of the tech world and as we are three quarters through 2015 now so we thought we’d create a summary of the state the cloud computing sector.

Cloudworks through our IT Support in Nottingham services have seen a very large shift within the local government sector this year so far with many UK councils choosing Office 365 as their collaboration suite, with many others also choosing Google Apps.

E-mail based migrations remain the mainstay of our Office 365 delivery efforts but we’ve now seen many clients wanting to expand into the other Office 365 services like OneDrive for Business and SharePoint.

Azure also appears to be talking a foothold in the IAAS and PAAS markets – a market that has historically been so dominated by Amazon AWS with their 57% of market share. Microsoft Azure has had better uptime through 2015 so far and many enterprise customers that have been Amazon Stalwarts in the past are starting to experiment with Azure which appear to be maturing at a must fast rate than their Amazon counterparts.

We created the following cloud computing infographic tells the story of cloud computing in 2015 and also details what a possible future market may look like.

The future of Cloud Computing