The Importance of Encryption

The importance of Encryption in keeping your data secure

Data is important. It is the most important thing to any individual or business. You will have no doubt have heard about the countless stories of data breaches. The loss or theft of data can have massive consequences. The only way to protect data and keep it from falling into the wrong hands is by correctly ensuring it is encrypted. However, encryption can seem complicated and most people choose to ignore having these safeguards on their data. It is crucial to have your data encrypted so that it can be sufficiently protected against loss or theft.

I’ve got Anti-virus software, I must be protected right?

Data loss can occur for several reasons. This includes malware or viruses that can be picked up from malicious files. The increasingly savvy nature of malicious programs allows them to meddle and cause data loss on an entire network of computers. This is something that no company wants to deal with. However, an anti-virus software package is often not adept enough at handling attacks that are becoming more and more sophisticated.

Other common occurrences of data loss include stolen or lost memory cards/USB portable drives and laptops which are frequent targets for thieves. Encryption remains the only reliable defense against malicious attacks.

Not all types of encryption offer the same level of coverage. There are also third-party encryption methods that are not yet suitable for Windows 10. The latest Operating System by Microsoft is excellent, yet it does have some vulnerabilities if not setup correctly. Windows Bitlocker remains as one of the most effective and efficient tools for encryption software. It is capable at averting threats of data loss and theft. However, it can be difficult to use and setup for a novice user. That is why it is recommended to let a company such as Cloudworks with the expertise to handle the encryption setup for you. When used with another Microsoft service called ‘Intune’ it will regularly monitor the status and configuration of Bitlocker installed on multiple computers. Intune can also enforce group policies to effectively manage an entire group workplace. It means that the company can manage encryption in real time, which gives you extra peace of mind. Microsoft Intune is an excellent cloud management configuration that makes the tricky task of encryption far easier.

How does Bitlocker work?

Windows Bitlocker works by encrypting your entire drive. It helps to prevent any unauthorized changes or modifications. These are usually made by malicious software or hackers who have gained remote access to your computer(s). They make these changes to gain access to protected data. The threat of data loss and theft grows everyday as these methods become more effective. However, Bitlocker remains updated and capable of handling these threats. It is a way of adding enhanced security on your desktops or laptops. The combination of Bitlocker with outside expertise means that you can be assured that your data is always kept safe.

How can Cloudworks help?

Cloudworks have been continuously protecting their clients for years and have the expertise to design and create policies to ensure your data and devices are kept secure. We undertake regular security audits and provide inclusive proactive monitoring as part of our IT support packages.

We can also offer:

• Advanced mailbox security
• Advanced protection of your online storage files
• Removal of unsafe attachments and rogue links
• Identifying trending scams and fraudulent emails
• Regular strategy meetings and security reports
• User education


Encryption is an essential aspect for keeping your data secure and it is essential not to get complacent at protecting it. If you have any questions about encryption or how it can benefit your business once setup, please call us on 0115 824 8244 or email: