Cloud proves to be an enabler during lockdown

Cloud Technology future
2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic have witnessed a seismic change in the way we work, both now and into the future. Homeworking is no longer the reserve of those who work in technology. Jobs that previously took place in offices are being done from home, these include, teaching, customer service, government administration, insurance and communication jobs to name but a few. In a nutshell, anything that can be done via a computer in the comfort of our own homes should be done in this way wherever possible.

Cloud technologies make homeworking possible

Not only are employees benefiting from this change with reduced travel times and more flexible family practices, but companies are too. On the 8th May 2020, the BBC announced that both Facebook and Google had extended their homeworking policies to last until the end of the year. [1] Although some office spaces were being opened up, staff were very much still being encouraged to work from home.
The main reason that people are able to work from home is because of greater access to increasingly sophisticated software systems which can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Any system which runs on a server and can be accessed via the internet is essentially cloud technology.

The customer service revolution

Perhaps the first sector to truly embrace homeworking practices is in customer service. Companies can use well-known browser-based CRM and e-commerce systems which their employees can access from home. If the employee has a modern computer, good internet access and a phone, they can work from home.
Cloud-based software solutions such as Zendesk and Magento enable customer service agents to access ticketing system software and they can then look up the details of a customer’s orders and payments via the e-commerce system. Customers can place their orders online and this information is immediately logged. Customer service agents are able to access and track the journeys of a customer’s transaction and product delivery, simply with a customer order number or delivery tracking number. Most delivery operators such as Hermes or DPD also offer the ability to check the location of a package through their own cloud-based systems, effectively creating a 360 view of the whole operation.

Cloud-based technologies and security

The increased security measures also make homeworking and of course home shopping possible. Extra layers of security have enabled this technological revolution to become a reality.
Banks are now operating more stringent security checks which include a much greater level of sophistication. Better ‘handshakes’ and encryption software between different systems have also contributed. Banks and retailers are far more inter-connected and this enables online shopping and homeworking to become the norm, rather than an occasional luxury. [2]

The COVID-19 online shopping revolution

Imagine what the outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic might have been if homeworking, home banking and online shopping were not an option. The crisis has seen an exponential increase in the percentage of people ordering goods online. Not only has this been a safer way for people to shop, but for some, it has been an absolute lifeline. Vulnerable customers have been able to take advantage of the online shop without having to interact with anyone, (apart from the delivery driver) when getting their shopping.
An air of calm has now fallen on the online shopping sectors and the software has certainly delivered. Cloud-based technologies are now accessible from the majority of living rooms throughout the UK, this has now become a necessity for a lot of people and will continue to be so for a long time into the future.

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