How Cloudworks are different

When businesses and prospective clients are looking for a new IT provider or to change from an existing service, one question we are often asked is how Cloudworks are different.

Many of the reasons are why we started Cloudworks in the first place, these range from poor service to over priced fees and lack of communication. One of the biggest areas however is IT security, and Cloudworks have this as the foundation of our service rather than a bolt-on to an existing IT support solution.

Every business relies on security to protect their IT systems and infrastructure. With the ever-increasing threats from phishing emails and malware, it is more important than ever to ensure that policies and threat detection technologies are deployed.

Cloudworks leverage a combination of Microsoft Cloud services to protect identities, data and email. We perform security reviews to understand existing policies and systems in place and provide recommendations and actions based on future requirements.

Our IT support services are tailored to help you. We don’t just offer generic solutions to all IT issues – we make sure that the work we provide is the best, most appropriate service for your business. Whether you have an issue that requires us to work with your own IT team or you need us to take full control of the service, Cloudworks has the skills, people, and passion to provide whatever you need.

We take a different approach to most other providers, below are the key components of our support service.


An often-overlooked area of IT support, but ongoing advice from our experts is key to ensuring you’re maximising your investment in IT and are taking advantage of the latest industry advancements. We won’t just try to sell you software and services you don’t need, Cloudworks will continually review and optimise your services and not limit your business with long term contracts.

User Security Monitoring

This is a commonly overlooked area of IT security since most businesses don’t have the time or a dedicated resource to do it. We guarantee the security of your users by continuously monitoring for unusual security events and monitoring devices to ensure data loss and identity theft does not occur.


System Alerting

We employ a proactive approach by actively monitoring your systems and services so that any potential IT issues can be resolved before they occur to reduce any potential downtime and avoid a break/fix scenario.


Our monthly management reports are market leading. They provide insights into helpdesk calls, user security incidents, Azure usage, security recommendations, strategy advice and security threats.

Helpdesk Service

All requests for Cloudworks services can be made by contacting the Cloudworks helpdesk which is monitored by trained technicians to provide educated solutions to any queries or incidents.
We don’t just log your call and then get back to you with a fix, our team will work to diagnose and resolve the issue there and then.

Remote and on-site support

Nottingham based clients can take advantage of our on- site service which will get an engineer over to you within an hour for critical incidents that can’t be resolved remotely. Where possible we will also use our remote access tools to diagnose and fix the issue as this usually results in a faster resolution.


It is not always an easy task deciding upon or changing an IT service provider. At Cloudworks, we make the process as straightforward and transparent as possible. Our comprehensive on-boarding process captures all the information we need to support your business and deliver the best possible service.

We also don’t tie you into lengthy contracts like other providers. We are confident our service speaks for itself, so if you wanted to try us out for a few months give us a call and put us to the test.

Call Cloudworks on 0115 824 8244 or email